What is Speeve?

Speeve is a revolutionary way to send and recieve courier packages through which we try and cut down the costs of the courier service while improving the speed of the transit.

When can I use this app?

Soon. We are currently working on the features and security mechanisms of the app and we can expect it to be released real soon.

How does the AI and the algorithm work?

As much as we would love to share the minute details of the company and it's journey, we decided that we're better off not making this particular information public inorder to make the transactions and the process smooth.

How long does it take for one delivery?

The time taken to deliver your packages depends on various things such as:

However, with Speeve, your packages are delivered faster than other legacy courier service comapnies as we your package is practically on the move the minute you hand it over to the package pooler

How much do you charge per delivery?

The cost of the delivery of the packages with speeve depends on factors like the pooler availability, the demand, the mode of transport, the distance that the package travels etc. However, we make sure that the prices with Speeve are quite lower when compared to other legacy courier services and are intimated to the sender beforehand.

What's the maximum weight can we send?

With Speeve, there is no weight limit as such for the packages. However, the assignment of the package delivery jobs are done by the algorithms developed by our smart engineers at Speeve based on the mode of their transport. So, heavier or bigger the object, bigger the vehicle required to transport it. And your package will get assigned only if such vehicle that is capable of carrying the package is passing through your location.

How much can the we as poolers earn by delivering packages with Speeve?

It depends upon several factors. However, we estimated that it covers upto 40% of the fuel costs of you're going my car to the destination and upto 70% if you're using a public transport system.

Any working hours and days?

Nothing as such. The delivery assignments and the earning mostly depends upon the the demand. So, as long as the people (poolers) move in and out of your area, your package will be getting assigned and picked up. Our application works 24 x 7 in normal conditions. However, we may temporarily halt the services as per rules and regulations of the local governements.